Sunday, July 31, 2011

"Meta-Landscaping with Friends" Quilts by Karalee Larsson and Zhu Juran at the OZLAND Art Gallery

Karalee Larsson and Zhu Juran met in SL the spring of 2007 and were original members of the Quilters in SL group. Kara and Zhu have worked on several joint RL quilt projects and have exhibited on numerous occasions in SL.

Karalee Larsson appreciates anything design related from photography and fiber arts to architecture, interior design and fashion. She enjoys taking photographs and manipulating them in Photoshop; she also has a passion for creating quilts. After focusing on family and a career in libraries for numerous years, Karalee has recently been able to focus more on photography and on quilt making.

Zhu Juran originally came to SL to look into virtual quilting, and almost immediately met Kara. Being completely new to virtual worlds, her learning curve was steep to say the least. She is still learning new things in SL and hopelessly addicted to it! She has been making quilts IRL for over 15 years.

Their feature quilts, the Meta-Landscape series, were the next logical step for both: creating a RL quilt from a virtual landscape which was created entirely in SL and not altered outside of it.

Come visit the OZLAND Art Gallery, the month of August, and see their collaborative quilts and take home the free gifts they made.

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