Monday, May 2, 2011

PaliantArt Drawings by Sandralee Palianta in the OZLAND Art Gallery

Sandralee Palianta lives in Arizona where she loves to draw with Sharpie Markers and has even been accepted by the Sharpie Pen company to be in their "Sharpie Showcase" on their corporate website. She is proficient with all major graphics software programs and even enjoys Photography.

Her work in SL includes an exhibit at the Gateway Galleries. She has created paintings that are her own interpretations of the symbols that are part of theme The Perfect Form in Star Journey. She depicts the energies of the Star of Austerity and Star of Independence, also other symbols including The Field and The Fog. Her artwork is cleverly executed with Sharpie markers and many with the bold use of color.

These and other artistic drawings of Sandralee's can be seen the month of May at the OZLAND Art Gallery.

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