Friday, March 1, 2013

Elbow Muggins - Don' Ration your Passion - Line Drawing Exhibit for March 2013

Rats versus Cats - by Elbow Muggins
"Don't Ration Your Passion" Line Drawings by Elbow Muggins

Elbow Muggins works from his home studio in the USA.

In many of his ink sketches the love he has for the impressionists comes through in their open compositions and quick, rough feel. He generally uses a Cross Ball-Point Pen as it gives him very good line control, no bleeding and wide tonal range. His drawings are most often done traditionally, then scanned and edited and or colored with art programs like Photo Shop.

When Elbow does commercial work, it's done in a medium and style best suited for the given project. Often his commercial work is photo-retouching, color correcting or manipulating to meet a client's needs and likely to be so subtle as to not know it has been worked.

Elbow has been running his SL gallery for over four years, but you can view Elbow's extraordinary artwork the month of March at the OZLAND Art Gallery. Don't forget to pick up the FREE gift he has left for all guests visiting the gallery too.