Tuesday, November 1, 2011

"Inside Art" 3-D Interactive Art by Ginger Lorakeet - November 2011

Ginger Lorakeet was born in Australia but now lives in Arizona. She works out of her home on her computer and uses Photoshop to edit her artwork for SL. She spent most of her later years at school in Art and Design. During that time, she won awards for photography, design, and graphics. Since finishing school, she's continued creating art, both in and out of Second Life.

In SL she takes online art and merges it with SL animations to create "Inside Art", the name of her interactive 3D layered artwork. The SL Avatar right clicks on the artwork and chooses SIT for an immersive experience, becoming part of the artwork!!!

The idea was inspired by a technique she learned from a good friend and builder in SL. Come "immerse" yourself in her artwork the month of November, at the OZLAND Art Gallery. Make sure you take home the FREE gift she has made too!