Thursday, September 3, 2009

Hermes Kondor - OZLAND Visiting Artist for September 2009

Inspired by works of the grand masters of French photography, Hermes Kondor began his career as photographer & photojournalist. Photography to Hermes has always been an artistic expression that reinvents the tridimensional reality from a two dimensions image.

Since working regularly with digital photography he found Photoshop a powerful tool for his artistic creation. He began trying the manipulation of his photos in another creative process - he discovered "Digital Art". This new artform lets him transforming his normal pictures, into art objects full of sense and artistic content.

As his life grew spirituality, he felt the need to explore deeper into his own relation with the Sacred, and to discover other dimensions of Life which lead him to the path of his most recent artistic project - "The Traveler" - a series of 20 pictures which represent his inner travel, across the World, to reach the Primordial Light, and which is on display the month of September at the OZLAND Art Gallery.