Thursday, June 2, 2011

"Thar's Gold in Them Thar Pixels" Fractal Artwork by Leonie Szczepanski

Leonie Szczepanski specializes in fractal artwork and she's been making them for the past twelve years. Essentially a fractal (google it for masses more info) is a formula which describes a natural object. Some examples are seashells, leaves, flowers, trees and cityscapes.

Using fractal graphic generators and graphics programs she creates images, then displays them as paintings. She also puts the textures on practical things as well. She found that she had already been doodling fractals before she'd even heard of them which was in the early 1990's!

Making colourful and interesting pictures is most important to Leonie. Sometimes she chooses names that are pertinent to her at the moment but usually they are fairly random! It's up to the individual viewer to decide what they envision in them. Take your cue from Rorschach inkblots!

Come and see Leonie's ALL NEW Fractal Artwork during the month of June at the OZLAND Art Gallery. Make sure you pick up the FREE GIFT that Leonie has made too.

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