Friday, November 1, 2013

November 2013 - Crossroads of Life - Acrylic Artwork by Elin Egoyan

Elin's acrylic paintings are very striking because of their use of bright and harmonious colors. She often tries to tell a story or represent select emotional states. Her intuition and inner emotions serve as her guide. She floats with the motion and colours of her paintings, all of which contain waves of colour and harmony bursting off the canvas.

When she came to Second Life her goal was to have her own gallery. In the 6 years she has been here her drive to make her creations better and better can be found with the merging of her artistic digital art and vases. Uniting her SLigital art and RLainting art is something she is very proud and happy about.

Come see this wonderful artist's Acrylic Painting and Vases the month of November at the OZLAND Art Gallery. Make sure you take home the free gift that she has made especially for guests to this exhibit.