Saturday, February 2, 2013

"Lost Leaf" Original Digital Paintings by Mathilde Vhargon at the OZLAND Art Gallery

Mathilde Vhargon is a former professional classical musician. She began making sculpture in Second Life and then became more focused on digital painting, which she creates using only Gimp software and a mouse or digital drawing pad. She loves the many possibilities digital software offers for creating and saving multiple versions of a piece she is working on. Her paintings suggest themselves to her a little at a time without conscious planning. She often uses small sections of them as materials to develop into new paintings.

Mathilde dislikes sharp corners and edges, so her process usually involves blending and merging for smooth transitions, with dozens of small adjustments to produce the subtle, rich, analogous colour layering she enjoys. She loves strong colours and flowing abstract forms. You will often find ambiguous suggestions that lead the viewer to imagine various possibilities and interpretations. She is most happy when her art creates a chain of associations and questions about life and humanity.  "The possibility that we might touch someone with a common connection, making them think and feel in response to our work, is the most wonderful thing about making art," she says.

You can view Mathilde's artwork at the OZLAND Art Gallery the month of February. Don't forget to take home the FREE gift she has made for all visitors.