Friday, December 4, 2009

Christmas Past - OZLAND Art Exhibit for December 2009

2008 was OZLANDs first Christmas... As a special Christmas gift to the residents, King Sven and Queen Llola took portraits of each of the residents homes. This exhibit showcases those portraits.

Anyone who visits the exhibit is FREE TO COPY any of the portraits.  Other OZLAND presents await you too.

Travel back with us to Christmas 2008 and enjoy this very special exhibit.    hugzzzzzzzzz

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Seleuma Snowpaw - OZLAND Visiting Artist - November 2009

Seleuma Snowpaw was born in Angola and moved, with his family, to Portugal to avoid war and start a new life. As he studied in high school he was shown all kinds of art... He found that he really liked drawing tribal images. He would practice drawing at his friends homes, painting helmets and tattoos... then eventually started painting on t-shirts.

All this practicing lead him to Celtic knotwork that he found in the U.K and during his trips around Europe. Mixing tribal/celtic knotwork basics, with surreal art-form, he uses pencil, black pen and some water color pencils to create a new way to see these traditional drawings. In RL he paints these new original designs on t-shirts by hand! But here in SL we are lucky to see his work as wall hangings as well as t-shirts.

Seleuma's Celtic artwork in on display at the OZLAND Art Gallery for the month of November... please make sure to grab the free gift that Seleuma has made special for those who visit his exhibit.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Lou Mannock - OZLAND Visiting Artist - October 2009

Illustrator, Louie Mann (AKA Lou Mannock) born in Cali, Colombia came to the States at a young age and in high school won the "Hanely" award for best art student! He studied fashion illustration at the 'Fashion Institute of Technology' in New York where he now lives/works.

Louie experimented with different techniques & mediums, like the stylish use of comic book art but now concentrates only on pen & ink illustrations & photoshops his work to bring out their most classical sense.

With Louie's artwork, the observer realizes that his pieces invoke a sense of mysticism & spiritual adventure. They becomes like 'Alice' tumbling down a dark rabbit hole that deeply portrays Louie's inner psyche & shows his passion & love for painting. Louie Mann's art is honest storytelling at its best that fires up emotions with his many controversial masterpieces.

Lou's DARK MATERIALS Series will get you in the mood for Halloween...Make sure to grab the free gift that Lou has made special for those who visit his exhibit at the OZLAND Art Gallery.

For more of Lou's Art Visit his Gallery

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Hermes Kondor - OZLAND Visiting Artist for September 2009

Inspired by works of the grand masters of French photography, Hermes Kondor began his career as photographer & photojournalist. Photography to Hermes has always been an artistic expression that reinvents the tridimensional reality from a two dimensions image.

Since working regularly with digital photography he found Photoshop a powerful tool for his artistic creation. He began trying the manipulation of his photos in another creative process - he discovered "Digital Art". This new artform lets him transforming his normal pictures, into art objects full of sense and artistic content.

As his life grew spirituality, he felt the need to explore deeper into his own relation with the Sacred, and to discover other dimensions of Life which lead him to the path of his most recent artistic project - "The Traveler" - a series of 20 pictures which represent his inner travel, across the World, to reach the Primordial Light, and which is on display the month of September at the OZLAND Art Gallery.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Stephs Magic - OZLAND's Artist of the Month for August 2009

The OZLAND Art Gallery welcomes Stephs Magic, a RL Photographer.

Living and working in Germany, Stephs Magic has always enjoyed expressing his creative side in many forms and facets, ranging from photography, computer generated imagery and digital painting, to being an amateur magician.

The "Big Apple" is the subject for his first B&W SL photographic exhibition. The urban landscape of New York City is its inspiration, and the theme is contrasts: old/new; light/dark; soft/hard; artificial/organic; curved/rectangular – where ever you look in this set of images you find dichotomies. He shows us a city that seeks to harmonise these contrasting elements in its open spaces and public landscapes.

Balancing the stark B&W contrasts of the Urban Cityscapes Stephs introduces his Garden Macro collection, which shows nature in its colourful splendor from unusual angles and distances.

Make sure you grab the FREE gifts that Stephs has made special for this exhibit, and enjoy his Photographs!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Josina Burgess, OZLANDs Artist of the Month for July 2009

Josina Burgess, OZLANDs Artist of the Month for July, has studied at Famous Artists Schools in America then decided to become a ...singer..

During her years of traveling as a singer she continued painting and drawing. Her work has many facets. Feelings and impressions, sometimes subtle, but also powerful and above all the use of bright colors are specific for her art. Non-figurative, abstract as well as figurative paintings, explosions of color, gold and bronze, memories and feelings are telling their story.

Josina uses mixed techniques she developed herself. With acrylics she has developed a very personal style. Abstracts, flowers and landscapes are recognizable with her free expression. Josina's exhibit in OZLAND is featuring her Gouache Paper Artwork... Gouache is an opaque watercolor paint that can be applied in solid colors. Composition, technique, colors and shape have given an extra dimension to her paintings.

Josina likes her paintings to be "beautiful", not boring, and always a pleasure to look at.

Check out the LM, grab the FREE outfits that Josina has made especially for this exhibit, and enjoy her most unusual artwork!

Queen Llola and King Sven

Monday, June 1, 2009

Alba2 Rossini - OZLAND's Visiting Artist for June 2009

June's exhibition features paintings based on the motifs found in Tarot Cards by Alba2 Rossini. The originals are painted in oil on board. At present there are 14 paintings in the series, the latest being completed just before the exhibition.

Here is what Alba has to say about herself.

Hello, in SL I am known as Alba2 Rossini, Alba is my name in the art world. I live and work in Turin, where I completed my studies at the Art School and the Academy of Fine Arts.

I spent part of my life between the United States and Venezuela. During my stay in Venezuela, I worked as a designer in the graphic and advertising department of a large North American company. This experience along the tropical environment influenced lot about my vision of color and composition and were significant in my artistic maturation.

I paint mostly with oil colors because I like the stickiness and brightness of this medium, so that I can play with brightness and volume, but I do not disdain other media such as acrylic or pastels

You can also visit me at:

Alba has provided two wonderful sets of clothing (one for the ladies and one for the gentlemen) featuring details from her wonderful artwork.

Please take the opportunity to see these wonderful art works at the OZLAND SW Gallery

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Calling SL Artists and Art Lovers

Our new Gallery in OZLAND SW will feature a new Artist each month.

Until the end of May enjoy the fractal art of Spiral Silverstar. Just what is a fractal? Come and look and if you want more information take a look at

Artists wishing to exhibit should Contact Sven or Llola by IM