Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Stephs Magic - OZLAND's Artist of the Month for August 2009

The OZLAND Art Gallery welcomes Stephs Magic, a RL Photographer.

Living and working in Germany, Stephs Magic has always enjoyed expressing his creative side in many forms and facets, ranging from photography, computer generated imagery and digital painting, to being an amateur magician.

The "Big Apple" is the subject for his first B&W SL photographic exhibition. The urban landscape of New York City is its inspiration, and the theme is contrasts: old/new; light/dark; soft/hard; artificial/organic; curved/rectangular – where ever you look in this set of images you find dichotomies. He shows us a city that seeks to harmonise these contrasting elements in its open spaces and public landscapes.

Balancing the stark B&W contrasts of the Urban Cityscapes Stephs introduces his Garden Macro collection, which shows nature in its colourful splendor from unusual angles and distances.

Make sure you grab the FREE gifts that Stephs has made special for this exhibit, and enjoy his Photographs!

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