Wednesday, November 3, 2010

KenpoKarate Yakubu's OCEANIC EXPLORATIONS Exhibit at the OZLAND Art Gallery

KenpoKarate Yakubu (aka Anthony F. Verburgt in RL) has been an artist since childhood starting with coloring books at a very young age.  Having been raised around the influence of his father who was also an artist and told him that anyone who can master drawing the basic shapes of a triangle, square, ball and ribbon considering shadows, reflected light, direct source light and make a rock look hard and water look wet could draw anything. Also if one could draw the human body using these principles then that person can be considered a real artist.

This lead to his becoming a composite sketch artist for the Sheriff's Department where he worked for over 36 years having his sketches lead to the conviction of many criminals as well as forensic crime scene sketches.

His portraits include those of SL avatars and he enjoys giving them life. He is now spending his time doing the art that he loves as he experiments with colors and themes.  His preference of medium is oil paint, but he believes in using whatever mediums, supports and methodologies to express his feelings and art at the time.  As far as styles of painting, he spent many years developing his style of realism. Now he does his art as he feels at the time, and has no particular style. each work being an expression of love and visual representation.

Come walk by the ocean as you enjoy Ken's art exhibit and make sure you take home the FREE gift that he has made specially for guests to this exhibit.

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