Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Satu Gustafson Doodles at the OZLAND Art Gallery - June 2010

Satu Gustafson lives and works in the North West of Germany. Her artwork is all about experimentation with different materials, textures, media and techniques. Though her preferred medium is acrylic paints she has discovered black and white doodling as a form of art that is especially striking when imported into SL.

Satu is fascinated by colour and contrasts, simple shapes that carry powerful emotionality. So she often uses different shades of one single colour using a painter's knife to shape the pastous paint allowing for dynamic, curved shapes and forms. The black and white inks take this a step further, taking out the colour and working with very basic shapes and patterns.

By bringing her art into Second Life, she would like to make people curious, inspire them and encourage them to just take whatever material they can find in ther RLs and express themselves artistically.

Visit her exhibit at the OZLAND Art Gallery for the month of June and take home the free gifts that Satu has made!