Sunday, November 1, 2009

Seleuma Snowpaw - OZLAND Visiting Artist - November 2009

Seleuma Snowpaw was born in Angola and moved, with his family, to Portugal to avoid war and start a new life. As he studied in high school he was shown all kinds of art... He found that he really liked drawing tribal images. He would practice drawing at his friends homes, painting helmets and tattoos... then eventually started painting on t-shirts.

All this practicing lead him to Celtic knotwork that he found in the U.K and during his trips around Europe. Mixing tribal/celtic knotwork basics, with surreal art-form, he uses pencil, black pen and some water color pencils to create a new way to see these traditional drawings. In RL he paints these new original designs on t-shirts by hand! But here in SL we are lucky to see his work as wall hangings as well as t-shirts.

Seleuma's Celtic artwork in on display at the OZLAND Art Gallery for the month of November... please make sure to grab the free gift that Seleuma has made special for those who visit his exhibit.

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