Monday, July 4, 2011

Riali Sandalwood "Whimsical Critters" at the OZLAND Art Gallery July 2011

Riali Sandalwood comes from an artistic and musical family in which she was always encouraged to nurture her innate artistic abilities through drawing, painting and pottery. She lives and works as an Art/Creative Director out of Mumbai, India. She has a special love of terracotta sculpture. Riali also channeled her love for music into classical Indian carnatic music through formal vocal training. Her pictures have the vibrant colors and bold lines of woodblock prints, from which she has drawn inspiration, and are reminiscent of the fine illustrations used in high quality children's books. Her shapes also remind the viewer of the simple bold shapes associated with pottery. Come visit the OZLAND Art Gallery, the month of July, and see her Whimsical Critters and take home the free gifts she has made.

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