Saturday, September 3, 2011

Aria's Daydreams Digital Artwork by Ariadenise Bellic at the OZLAND Art Gallery

Ariadenise Bellic lives and works out of her home in the USA. She considers herself an "artsy" person and enjoys music as well as drawing. She went to college for three years for vocal perfomance but has no formal training in drawing. She is totally self taught.

Working from her computer she uses Corel Painter and a mouse to create her Digital artwork. Her inspiration? "Just whatever pops into her brain!"

Right now she is selling her work ONLY in SL, but she would like to print and sell her work someday in RL .

Visit the OZLAND Art Gallery for the month of September and see these Digital pieces of Art. They are simple pieces of art that make a very emotional statement. Make sure you take home the FREE GIFT that Aria has made specially for vistors to the gallery.

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