Wednesday, March 2, 2011

"Crossing Thresholds" Acrylic Collages by Trill Zapatero - March 2011

Trill's paintings are travel collages or maps of journeys.   She painted them while she was living in China, India and Malaysia.  Viewing them might be as much  like reading maps as looking at paintings, perhaps similar to watching animations.  The images suggest stories of heroic adventures or waking dreams. The imagery is influenced by the local landscapes and visual cultures of Asia. The imagery also comes from books she'd been reading as well as other researched materials such as magical symbols and universal archetypes. The paintings are as much about dream journeys, and flights of the imagination as they are about the actual places they were painted. The process of painting itself is a kind of travelogue.

Sometimes she sets out with a few photos, images or ideas in mind.  At other times,she starts without much of an idea.  She thinks about the paper and the textures.  She choses a color; maybe apply it as a glaze.  She also likes to paint thickly and scrape paint off or wipe it away.  She works in layers of a variety of elements.  Images and scenes often appear in the process and she allows that to happen or she googles images and symbols and follow the surfing process to get more information.  Sometimes she uses her own photos and either paints them or collages the printed paper- which she can then tear or glaze over or cut out neatly around an edge or contour.  She's interested in ways to make a picture and create a story.

Visit the OZLAND Art Gallery during the month of March to view these wonderful collages.

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