Thursday, February 3, 2011

Photo-collage, Visual Poetry by Shugaaa Rhapsody in OZLAND

Shugaaa Rhapsody (from the UK) has always been fascinated by artists and their many different styles and mediums. Her Art teacher always said Shugaaas' work was never predictable, soft pencil sketches one day and striking colourful paints the next. For many years due to work and Family commitments Shugaaa put creativity to one side, but since coming to SL has found that passion once again taking on a new digital format. Still now, although using photoshop rather than traditional methods, it very much depends on the mood of the day as to the style of the picture emerging. Most of Shugaaas work is untitled, this is a conscious decision to let the viewer of the piece determine their own story behind it.

Step into a world of visual poetry with Shugaaa Rhapsody's Photography Collages at the OZLAND Art Gallery the month of February. Make sure you take home her FREE GIFT too.

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