Wednesday, October 1, 2014

"CITY WINDOWS" Photography Exhibit by Walt Ireton, OZLAND ART GALLERY - October 2014

Walt Ireton has been a professional photographer since 2005 and lives in Germany.  His passion is nature, street, travel and macro photography.  The photographs for his "City Windows" exhibit were shot on the streets of Enschede, Netherlands.  Shop windows have a special kind of virtual reality for Walt.  Professionally designed eye catchers, that use any kind of psychological tricks to attract your attention – but most of us just walk by without noticing.

Walt is exclusively exhibiting in Second Life. This virtual reality with its avatars is a perfect place to present this show, because the mannequins in these photos almost take the place of universal avatars, coming to life by interacting with the real world in the reflection of the window in front of them. The parallels between their artificial reality and second life are amazingly obvious.

Come visit the OZLAND ART GALLERY the month of October and view these wonderful pieces of art.  Make sure you take home the FREE Gift that Walt has made specially for visitors to the exhibit.

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