Wednesday, April 3, 2013

"Color Play" Watercolor Paintings by Antenna Rae

The work that Antenna Rae exhibits in Second Life is mostly abstract.  She is interested in color as expression and the balance or imbalance of light and dark.  She often works very intuitively, sometimes not even knowing what a piece is about until she is well into it.  She likes to hear what people see in her artwork and is delighted when she encounters someone with a different perspective and interpretation of her work than she had intended.  

Antenna has worked as an artist in different ways over the years, starting out as a scenic artist and properties artisan for various theater and opera companies in the US.  She's been painting in watercolor specifically for about 10 years and after having painted realistically for theater, enjoys working in the abstract now.  In addition to painting and teaching from her studio in real life, Antenna works as an artist-in-residence in a hospital, teaches studio art and art history to high schoolers, and is in grad school part-time studying social work.  

You can view Antenna's wonderful artwork the month of April at the OZLAND Art Gallery.  Don't forget to pick up the FREE gift she has made for all guests visiting the gallery too.

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