Thursday, November 1, 2012

"Noteworthy" Musical Sculptures Artwork by Treacle Darlandes - November 2012

Treacle Darlandes comes to SL to relax from the pressures of RL and loves the visual stimulants in SL. She likes to meet and find out about people both in her own country (UK) and from around the world. The wonderful visual effects of SL she hopes to recreate in her SL art. Colour, texture and shape. Everyone who views her sculptures and wall art likes something different. Many of her sculptures look completely different in SL daylight, midnight, or sunset. As you look at her sculptures try the different environment settings SL has to offer. The collaboration of Treacle's art and the written music of Nicolaus Skytower is available on itunes and cdbaby, and recently a singer songwriter from New York State, USA (Winter Wetherby SL name) has included some of Treacle's SL art on the cover of his latest CD. Enjoy Treacle's artwork at the OZLAND Art Gallery the month of November, and don't forget to take home the FREE gift that she has made for everyone who visits.

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