Sunday, July 1, 2012

HHB 1900's England Photography Exhibit by Sven Pertelson

HHB (Horace) was born in 1882 and moved to London as a teenager in 1900. He had many jobs... Builders Clerk, Carpenter and Taximeter repairer and he loved to photograph his everyday life.

The HHB Exhibit in OZLAND commemorates his memory. Sven Pertelson found Horaces' glass plate negatives whilst cleaning out a family shed. Over 200 plates were recovered and Sven vowed to the family to look at them and preserve those that were not too damaged by the years of neglect. That was  many years ago and now he has the equipment to do the job

This July we will remember Horace through his photographs. Sven has carefully cleaned and digitally enhanced 20 of his favorite photographs. Come back with us to 1900's England and see the world through Horace's box camera.

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