Monday, April 2, 2012

VISION THROUGH THE EYES of Faith Maxwell 3-D Sculpture Artwork at the OZLAND Art Gallery

 Faith Maxwell was born in Richmond, Virginia and now resides in Ohio. All her life she has been interested in art, of some form. She has taken classes in painting in a lot of different mediums, so when she came to SL she wanted to try her hand at sculptures. Her sculptures reflect her moods and feelings. "I put a lot of soul into my work," she says. Faith has exhibited in various SL galleries and venues, including Burning Life. And has been featured in several SL magazines. She has her own gallery called Faith Maxwell Sculpture Gallery and for the month of April, Faith will be the featured artist at the OZLAND Art Gallery. Come see Faith's wonderful 3-D Sculptures. She's even created a few NEW sculptures for this exhibit. Make sure you don't forget to take home the free gift waiting for you, at the OZLAND Art Gallery.

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