Sunday, May 2, 2010

Josina Burgess' Acrylic Bronze Artwork at the OZLAND Art Gallery - May 2010

Josina Burgess studied at famous Art Schools in America and graduated in illustration, advertisement, free painting and drawing, then decided to become a singer.

During her years of traveling as a singer she continued painting and drawing. Her work has many facets. Josina uses mixed techniques she has developed herself. With acrylics she has developed a very personal style. Abstracts, flowers and landscapes are recognizable with her free expression.

The exhibit this month features Josina's RL Acrylic Gold Bronze on Canvas and some painting that have been reworked into SL. Her paintings are "beautiful", not boring, and always a pleasure to look at.

Visit the OZLAND Art Gallery during the month of May to see Josina's most unsual artwork... and make sure you take home the FREE GIFT that Josina has made.

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